Top Reasons Why Yacht Chartering Is Awesome in Singapore‏

More and more people are getting private yacht charters in Singapore as it is a very good way of relaxation. There are many good reasons for that too! Below, we are going to look at some good points which you will see why yacht rental is getting popular.


Maybe you have a wedding coming up, maybe you have a busy lifestyle which you desperately need a good break from. Perhaps you are going for vacations? Yacht are also good for private parties, many people cater to their guests and host them on yacht for a classy dinner and party. It is also good for business meetings, where you can awe your guests and impress them. Honeymoons are also a good reason for chartering a yacht. You get all the alone time you need. The reasons are endless and the list goes on and on…

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wedding yacht rental

Be Pampered

Be pampered is an understatement here. Your staff will absolutely treat and serve you and your guests like royalties. A yacht is also spacious, some have Jacuzzi tubs, an internal entertainment system such as pool table, big screen TVs, karaoke system, gaming console system, big poker and mahjong tables, life size workable kitchen with an internal island and many many more… some even have a helicopter emergency landing pad!

Pinterest is a good resource to see more.

Highly Worthy

Whatever you spent on the yacht is worth every dollar you spend. Although it can be expensive, no doubt, but the luxury and enjoyment that you are getting back is worth much more than the cost and expenses that you incur. It is way more than what you will be getting back and what you are paying for.

wedding yacht rental

Unfortunately, buying private yachts are not possible for all, but chartering one is. Promise yourself a good break from the busy life and get on to a luxurious and private enjoyable trip!

3 Different Wedding Themes That Spells Fun and Romantic‏

Many different couples choose different favours for women and men too. Going back to the sweetened almond theme, you can select to fill favour bags through chocolates, Love Hearts, mints and any other kind of confectionery of your preference. It can be huge fun to invite the girls above to fill the boxes and bags whilst sharing some drinks and putting on the wedding DVD.

It’s your wedding and you desire it to be special and exclusive. These days, weddings are well planned by expert planners and furthermore a theme is decided for the wedding. The special wedding theme reproduces your taste and preference.

1. Vintage Classy Styled Theme: This is a very popular theme. Many brides like to use this because of the elegant, romantic and European styled wedding theme. This vintage theme brings back the sophisticated feel and touch, adding a very strong sense of class and traditional feel of the theme. Guests will immediately feel this theme’s affection and feel the couple’s love very easily. The venice of Singapore, for example, or Punggol Waterway Singapore, is a very beautiful place. for inspiration. Have an open air buffet style will be very cool. Actually, punggol waterway in Singapore is the ideal place for a peaceful and quiet classy wedding lunch.

2. Cosplay Wedding: Yes, you seen it right. Many couples these days are embracing this sort of dressing for their wedding. It can be very fun, hilarious and cool if you do it right. Unleash your fantasy and imagination for this theme. Dress as your childhood favourite superhero or your beloved cartoon characters. Brides can take this chance to be the princess of your life that you have always wanted to but can’t, because people will deem you as crazy.

Many people dress as superheroes and even encourage their guests to dress as to be part of their wedding. It sounds fun and people like it.

3. Your Occupations: Maybe you have wonderful fun jobs. You can take that as an inspiration and use it as a dressing for your wedding day! If you have a boring job, no worries too! Because you can make our wedding into a job related wedding theme. For example, you can have a fire man themed wedding, or a police and thief themed wedding, or a lawyer themed wedding. Anything goes. It is your big day and you are in charge.

Be creative!

Guide to Wedding Theme and Favours‏

You need to look back at your wedding day and smile. Everything from the food to the décor should be excellent for your special day. Some things however are usually much more difficult to deal with. Sourcing for wedding favours and choosing wedding themes are some of them. You need to have a plan that will ensure that everything in your wedding goes smoothly.

Choosing wedding themes

Your wedding theme is going to be the guiding factor for everything that you do prior to your wedding day. You need a theme that enables you to come up with décor, outfits and even food that will remain true to your vision.

A wedding theme should be the responsibility of the couple and not just half of the couple. The wedding is for both of you, so why should one person control everything? Do you want to start your marriage with resentment? Both parties should therefore have a say in selecting the theme for the wedding.

One of the best ways to come up with a theme for the wedding is to think of something that you both enjoy. If both of you are mad about football for example, consider having a football theme for your wedding. That means that you could have a wedding cake in form of a football. The décor could be white and black, which are the colours of most footballs. The outfits for both of you could also follow the same theme. Who said that weddings have to be boring?

If you cannot find something that both you and your spouse-to-be love, the consider things that you like on individual level. If one of you loves water and the other likes sports then an aqua sports theme could be the best way for you to go. You could hold your wedding at your local swim club. Such a theme incorporates something for both parties, which means that everyone is happy.

At the end of the day, choosing your wedding theme is something that you and your with your spouse-to-be should agree on. That theme should also be easy to carry out through all aspects of your wedding day from the venue, the food, to the outfits for everyone involved.

Wedding favour

Sourcing for wedding favours

When your guests come to your wedding, you should feel honoured. These people care enough to drop what they were doing, so that they can celebrate your special day with you. That is why you should consider sourcing for wedding favours to give them as gifts.

Wedding favour 2

Wedding favours do not have to be expensive. They just have to show that you are grateful for the support. However, you need to put some thought into such gifts.

If you are a good baker, then consider baking a few treats for your wedding guests to take home with them. These can include muffins and even cookies. Be considerate of any special dietary needs though. Baking for the masses can be quite affordable too, especially if you buy your ingredients in bulk.

You can also create small pieces of artwork like cards, pendants, sketches or etchings if you have any artistic skills. Handmade items require effort, but less money. If you set aside some time for months before your wedding, you can manage to make them for a small number of guests.

You can also design something for your guests and outsource the labour. Just make sure that each design is customized a bit.

With a little bit of planning sourcing for your wedding favours and choosing wedding themes will be a breeze.

Finding Vintage Wedding Gowns‏

Congratulations! You are getting married and probably are sourcing for your dream gown now!

So, what are the different wedding gowns should you look at?

There are tons of different styles and cuttings and necklines of gowns.. But one particular style that never goes out of style – the vintage styled wedding gowns. 

Vintage dresses have come a long way, they have the classic, lacy, elegant look that is growing in terms of popularity these few years. Being a very versatile wedding gown, the vintage style suits ladies of all sizes.

Check out the vintage wedding gown style online and decide if it is your preference.

As usual, there are some things to look out for before purchasing, or decide to get a vintage style. Below are some of our guidelines. 

Vintage Dress

Body Shape And Size

When choosing a vintage wedding dress, check for a size that are a few size up than your usual size. This is because your usual sizings will not work here, as it is different as to a vintage bridal gown. If not, chances of looking disoriented is there. Choose a size that fits you just nice, rather than your usual size number. 


When buying a new gown, or even a dress, check in detail that the piece is intact, clean and new. Some dresses may be stained with dirt unintentionally when previous customers are trying. If the gown is stained or even torn, it is very difficult to mend it. All the more so if these are there for many years. The effort to clean it off and mend the torn holes are going to be very tedious. 

A contemporary wedding gown and a vintage one is very different. The fabrics, materials and designs differ a lot and once you find these damages, stains and rips, it will be almost impossible to repair it. Also, finding a similar fabric is something to consider, making the gown very very special and unique, but also very difficult to replace.

Right Budget

Getting over budget is something that a couple needs to take note of. Having a vintage wedding dress is nice and unique, but remember it is only for a day and you do not want to live in debt after your wedding. Check that your budget is enough before buying it.

Having a budget while you plan for your wedding is a must. It helps to streamline your spendings. The budget will help you and let you know which dress to purchase, helping you make decisions along the way as well. This way, you will know what sort of vintage wedding gown should you go for. It is different from purchasing a normal wedding gown as opposed to a vintage styled one. Because of the materials, fabric, the cut, the style, the details, the maker and sometimes event the age of the gown.

Age Of The Gown

This is an important guideline that many people tend to forget. Why? Because vintage wedding gowns, like all fabrics and materials, will grow old after many many years. The longer the dress is around, the longer the fabrics have been created to last through the years.

Although a rule of the thumb is that good quality fabrics can last longer than inferior quality ones, you should stay away from dresses that are too old. Some indications like there may be a weird odour, or it gets yellowish, are some of the areas you can know of.

You should always invest in a lot of time and effort to research into the types of vintage wedding gown you are looking at. Check that the gown, the accessories on it, the laces, the fabric are all in well maintained tip top good condition. 

Some dresses are over a hundred years old and these usually have risks to a high extent that you should do enough research to justify getting it, as the age suggests the fabric may have lived for quite some time.

Your Preference

Always remember, your preference is the most important aspect when choosing the best vintage gown for your wedding. Have fun preparing for your wedding, and remember, it is your wedding, so choose what you really like is very important.

There are no definite right or wrong when choosing a theme, as long as you like it, as long as it looks great on you, things are fine.

Do not worry about not finding the perfect gown etc.. There are a lot of gowns, different cutting, styles and sizes. You just need to find the right one through research.

Enjoy your wedding!